Diabetes Wellington has a number of fundraising activities throughout the year.  Funds raised are utilised to assist the organisation in its work to help diabetes sufferers. 

Our current fundraiser is a movie event at 8.30pm on 31 October at the Cuba Lighthouse Cinema for the movie Jojo Rabbit. To book a ticket you can use the online booking and payment form below. 


  • Each year the organisation promotes and sells the Entertainment Book.  A proportion of the proceeds from its sales are returned to Diabetes Wellington to assist its work in the area. 
  • A garage sale is held to raise funds.  Members and friends donate items for the organisation to sell at this annual event.
  • A social event held several times each year is a movie evening. Diabetes Wellington invites one and all to view a popular film at a local cinema. "Like" our Facebook page for up to date events
  • A number of raffles are held during the year with a range of wonderful prizes donated by our sponsors or interested supportive members.

 More information about upcoming fundraising activities will be published on this website or on the Diabetes Wellington Facebook page as the year progresses.