Services We Provide

The Diabetes Information Centre

This is the hub of our operation, located in central Wellington providing a wide range of information and products.

At the Centre we provide a friendly face and a place where you can discuss and learn more. We have a large range of information in the form of:

  • Pamphlets and information sheets – this includes our own range of 14 on specific topics such as “Alcohol and Diabetes”, “Sick Days and Diabetes” and “Driving and Diabetes”
  •  Magazine and book library

Field Officer

Our Diabetes Field Officer with many years experience operates from the Centre, and is available to offer a listening ear as well as non-medical advice and being able to refer people with diabetes to other services if required. Contact the Field Officer directly by

Specialist Diabetes Products

Our Shop based in the centre has a good range of specialist diabetes products. These include:

  •  Diabetes meters, finger-prickers, test strips and lancets.
  •  Meter download cables
  •  Insulin pen needles & Insulin pens. BD Auto injector
  •  Glucose tablets and gels
  •  Low sugar jams, toppings and sauces
  •  Socks suitable for people with diabetes
  •  Cook books for people with diabetes
  •  Sugar free lollies
  •  Sharps waste containers
  •  Frio Bags (for keeping insulin cool)

Supermarket Tours

These educational tours around a supermarket aim to increase the self-management skills of people with diabetes. 

Label Reading: This tour aims to give people skills to understand the nutrition info panels on food products and the basic recommended carbohydrate, sugar and fat levels in different types of food.

For more information contact the Information Centre.

Cooking Classes

Our cooking class aims to give attendees ideas about how to make regularly cooked meals in a more “diabetes-friendly” way, removing sugar and thinking about portion size to control the amount of overall carbohydrate. For more information contact the Information Centre.


As a member you are entitled to our regular newsletter “Diabetes News” as a member which is posted directly to you. You will also receive monthly email updates about our latest news and information from our Centre.


The Diabetes Wellington Research Fund is a local research trust set up from a generous bequest, which researches diabetes issues in Wellington. 

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Wellington organises and participates in public awareness opportunities focused on local street fairs and health expo’s.

Telephone Assistance

Members are most welcome to call our Drop-in Centre (ph 04 499 5085) and request information, advice, or inquire how to obtain professional services.  We have the contact details for Diabetes Nurse Educators, dietitians, pharmaceuticals reps, Diabetes Youth contacts.


Through liaison and meetings with DHB and other organisations we give voice to people with diabetes throughout the region