Our Constitution


1. NAME:
The society shall be known as DIABETES WELLINGTON INCORPORATED.

The objectives of the Society which are limited to New Zealand are:
(a) To provide within the greater Wellington region (comprising the cities of Lower Hutt, Porirua,
Upper Hutt and Wellington as well as the Kapiti District) an organisation to promote the health,
welfare and interests of people with diabetes residing within that area and to provide an
organisation for the benefit of such people and others interested in Diabetes.
(b) To join with, affiliate to, or assist in any manner similar organisations.
(c) To raise funds by lawful means in the furtherance of the objectives of the Society.
(d) To act as publishers, printers, and advertising agents as a means of communication to people
with diabetes.
(e) To do any other acts, matters and things as may be directly or indirectly conducive to the
objects of the Society and whether in addition to or as ancillary to any other power or authority.

(a) Membership shall be open on application to any person who applies in writing to become a
member, who agrees to abide by the rules of the Society and who pays all subscriptions as may
from time to time be required.
(b) Membership shall consist of the following classes:
(i) Individual membership
(ii) Family membership - May consist of parent/s and any of their children under the age of
16 years.
(iii) Unwaged - Any person not in full-time employment or business activity.
(iv) Life members - being members admitted to such membership by an Annual General
(v) Supporters – persons without diabetes who support the activities of the Society.
Supporters can participate fully in the life of the society (including membership of the
committee and the holding of offices), but would not be required to pay an annual

Any person shall cease to be a member:
(a) By a written resignation.
(b) By death.
(c) By failure to pay subscription fees within 6 months of due date.
(d) By a resolution passed at a Special or Annual General Meeting. 

All annual subscriptions fees shall be fixed at an Annual General Meeting of the Society. The Society
shall have the power to delegate to the Committee the power to fix such fees and subscriptions
and in the event that the Committee proposes to alter the rates of subscription, it shall not to do
so until it has given to member’s one month’s notice.

The society shall hold the following meetings:
(a) Annual General Meeting (AGM) - shall be held within 4 months of the end of the financial
(b) Special General Meeting (SGM) - may be called in the following manner:
(i) by a resolution to that effect passed by the Committee
(ii) by the Chairperson or the Secretary of the Society.
(iii) by a requisition signed by not less than 10 financial members of the Society calling for
such a SGM.
Within 7 days of the receipt of such a requisition and/or notice of motion the Secretary shall
cause a notice to be issued to all financial members of the Society giving not less than
fourteen days notice of the intention to call such meeting. At such a General Meeting no
other matters other than those of which notice has been given shall be discussed. It shall be
permissible to hold a SGM at the same time as an AGM.
(c) For any other ordinary meeting of the Society notice of the meeting shall be given no less
than fourteen days prior to the date of the meeting. Notice shall be taken to include electronic
communications, such as emails and text messages, and notice shall be deemed to have been
provided by the Society once sent to the member’s correct address, email address or telephone
(d) A quorum for any General or Special General Meeting of the Society shall be either
attendance of fifteen percent of financial members or twenty financial members which ever is
the least.
(e) Persons who are not physically present, but have submitted their voting instructions in
writing, shall be considered to be in attendance. For the avoidance of doubt, “writing” shall be
taken to include electronic communications such as emails.
(f) Notwithstanding the foregoing, votes of members who are not physically present shall
always be cast by written ballot, submitted on paper or by electronic communication such as

The adoption of any resolution of the Society shall require a simple majority in respect of the votes
cast except as otherwise required by these rules. The chairperson shall elect whether votes on any
particular resolution may be cast by voice or by the show of hands or by written ballot. If five or
more delegates present such a request then the chairperson shall require the resolution convened
to be decided by written ballot.

(a) The supreme governing body shall be the ordinary or Special General Meeting of the Society
and any determination by such meeting shall be binding on the Society and on all of its officers
and members.
(b) Subject to the rules and by-laws of the Society and to any direction of a General Meeting the
Committee shall conduct the affairs of the Society.
(c) No individual shall act in any matter except with the approval of the general meeting.

(a) At each Annual General Meeting a Patron shall be elected.
(b) At each Annual General Meeting there may be elected the following officers:
(i) a Chairperson
(ii) a Treasurer
(iii) a Committee of not more than twelve (12) members.
Providing that the committee shall have the power to elect or co-opt replacement members of
the committee in between Annual General Meetings. The election of any officers shall be in
accordance with Rule 7 of the Society.
(c) The elected officers shall be members of the Committee.
(d) A quorum for a meeting of the committee shall have 4 persons present including at least one
officer. Committee members participating via telephone or video call shall be deemed to be
(e) If there are no candidates to fill the officer positions described in (b), the Committee is to
assume the responsibility for that function and may assign roles on a pro-tem basis.

(a) Questions arising on any matter shall be decided by a majority of votes amongst all Committee
members. In the case of equality of votes the chairperson shall have an additional casting vote.
(b) At any meeting of the Society the Chairperson or, in the absence of the Chairperson the
Committee shall elect one of its number to chair the meeting.
(c) The Committee shall keep such minutes as it seems desirable to be kept of its proceedings.
(d) No member of the Committee shall vote in respect of any contract or proposed contract in
which he or she or any company in which he/she may be interested is involved.
(e) The secretary shall give or cause to be given proper notice of all meetings of the Committee
and shall perform such other duties pertaining to the administration of the Society as are usually
performed by a secretary or as may be directed by these rules or bylaws or by a General meeting
or the Committee of the Society.
(f) If a Committee meeting has not been held over a period of two months, any member of the
Committee, or any five members of the society may petition the Secretary to call such a meeting,
which then must be held within 28 days of that petition.

(a) Any person appointed to any office shall take office at the conclusion of the meeting and shall
remain in office until his/her successor comes into office.
(b) Any such elected person shall be able to resign at any time.
(c) Any such person shall be asked to resign at the majority, vote of the Committee.
(d) In the event that the Chairperson shall resign for whatever reason an AGM or an SGM must
be used for the election of a new Chairperson.
(e) If any officer or Committee member fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the
committee without permission of the committee he/she will be deemed to have vacated office.

(a) Subject to these rules and to any direction of a General meeting, the Committee may;
(i) Fix the date of closing of the financial year.
(ii) Disperse the funds of the Society, after payment of administration expenses, for the
furtherance of the objects of the Society.
(b) All monies paid to the Society shall be banked by the treasurer who shall keep a proper record
of the receipt and disbursement of the same.
(c) The Society Treasurer shall at the close of the Society’s financial year prepare or cause to be
prepared a full statement of all the financial transactions of that year and of the assets and
liabilities of the Society and shall before the Annual General Meeting send an Audited copy of the
statement to the secretary for submission to such meeting.
(d) No part of the income or property of this Society shall be paid directly or indirectly to any
members of the Society provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent reasonable payment
to members for services rendered.

(a) Should there be sufficient numbers within the greater Wellington region (comprising the cities
of Lower Hutt, Porirua, Upper Hutt and Wellington as well as the Kapiti District), the setting up of
a sub branch of Diabetes Wellington Inc may be practical. The Sub Branch shall adopt the
objectives of Diabetes Wellington Inc as per article 2 a, b, c, d, e and f of this Constitution as they
apply for the area that the sub branch is to operate within.
(b) All members of any sub branch must be members of Diabetes Wellington Inc.
(c) All members of a sub branch shall be required to pay the current subscription of Diabetes
Wellington Inc and shall receive the same privileges as accorded to any other member of the
Diabetes Wellington Inc.
(d) The Sub Branch shall elect a Chairperson, and may elect a Secretary, a Treasurer and a
Committee. Rules for the governance of the Sub Branch shall be established by the Committee of
the Society.
(e) Diabetes Wellington Inc shall pay to the Sub Branch an annual capitation fee of an amount
determined by the committee for the purpose of assisting the Sub Branch in obtaining meeting
rooms and other small incidental costs.

(a) An Auditor or Auditors of the Society shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
(b) If at any time no appointment is made of an Auditor/Auditors the committee shall appoint an
Auditor or Auditors.

These rules may only be added to, altered, rescinded by resolution passed at the Annual or Special
General Meeting providing that due notice of any rule change has been given and that such
resolution be passed by a majority of 75% of persons present and being eligible to vote.
No alteration, addition or rescission may be made to the Rules which in any way alters the
charitable nature of the Society.

(a) Subject to the prior approval of the Society in Annual or Special General Meeting the
committee shall have the power to borrow or raise money upon mortgage of the real property of
the Society or any part or parts thereof or upon debentures, debenture stock or mortgage
debentures of the Society to issue any such debentures, debenture stock or mortgage or to borrow
any money from bankers or other person with or without security but no person advancing shall
be bound to ensure whether this rule has been complied with or be affected by any irregularity
howsoever the same may occur.
(b) The committee shall have the power to invest any monies of the Society provided that any
such investment shall be with a recognised financial institution and any other such investment
shall only be made with sufficient security being offered to cover such investment.

The Committee shall provide a common seal for the Society and they shall have the power from
time to time destroy the same-and substitute a new one in lieu thereof. The common seal shall
remain in the possession of the Secretary and only be used when directed by the Committee and
for the purposes of executing documents and shall be affixed in the presence of two members of
the Committee.

The Society may be voluntarily wound up:
(a) If the society at an Annual or Special General Meeting so passes a resolution of the winding
up of the Society and provided that:
(i) If such a resolution if confirmed by a subsequent Special General Meeting convened for
such a purpose and held not sooner than 30 days and no later than 60 days after the Annual or
Special General Meeting at which such resolution was passed.
(ii) On winding up or dissolution of the Society all remaining assets remaining after the
payment of all hosts, debts and any other charges shall, subject to any trust affecting the same, be
distributed for charitable purposes within New Zealand or as a Judge of the High Court of New Zealand shall direct. Provided that there shall be no distribution whether by way of money,
property or otherwise, howsoever to any members.